The Glam Bam Maams

A roller derby team playing the London league with the theme of glam rock



Biggy Starbust- A curvy but athletic girl. She is one of the team’s blockers (and also a PC).

Julia Squeezer- The team captain and a very type A personality. She is blond and uses a lemon as logo for her helmet and jacket. She organizes the practices and keeps track of who is skating on which nights. Her cousin is Strawberry Jam.

Strawberry Jam- The team’s jammer. She is the youngest and fastest of the girls. Her bright red hair gave her the name as well as the strawberry emblem on her helmet. Her cousin is Julia and sometimes they refer to themselves as the Strawberry Lemonbabes.

GaladraWheel- The team’s pivot. She is semi-new age and artsy. She likes to wear elf ears making them stick out on either side of her helmet and very pretty glowing make-up. She is one of the Maams that is close friends out of rink with Biggy.

Lady Buckingslam- The team’s biggest girl. She is a large, loud, and sassy black girl with an infectious laugh. She does like glam rock but also really likes metal. She is Biggy’s closest and longest friend from even before the Maams.

E-L-Ohno- The first of the alternates and thus gets lots of play when Biggy cannot come due to being out of town. She loves karoake and was the one who came up with the theme of the team.

Aphro Bitey- The second alternate who sometimes seems to be more into roller derby for the socialization than the competition. She is a banker by day. She puts her hair out into a big afro on game nights since she is not often wearing a helmet.

The Glam Bam Maams

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