Elise "Biggy Starbust" Hughes

She likes things fast and loud. She's into glam rock and roller derby. And she's a good driver.


“Woooooooooooo!” Lady BuckingSlam whirled and pumped her fists in the air as they came out of the back door of the roller rink. “We whipped them like hell.”

“Lucky that Belfastest Babe was sick tonight. I mean, she’s only the highest scoring jammer in the last year.” Biggy Starbust replied with a laugh. They walked down the street towards the metro station about a mile from the rink. The golden squares of shop windows made the summer sidewalk into a soft quilt of light. Lady started humming Queen’s “We Are the Champions”. After a minute, Biggy joined in and they both broke into song. Throwing an arm around each other, they sauntered along singing.

When bass voices joined their song, the girls looked across the street. Standing on a balcony were a few guys drinking beers. The men cheered and whistled at the girls when Biggy and Lady looked up at them. With a wink to Biggy, Lady yanked down her shorts to give the guys an eyeful of her ass. Biggy hooked her fingers in the neck of her shirt and flashed her tits. The honey of the ensuing cheers was golden and sweet. Biggy laughed and tugged her shirt back into place.
Once the girls turned the corner, the applause faded behind them. Lady grinned and said, “We made their night.”

“We made their week!” Biggy crowed. She rubbed her eyes and stood still to look at the street in front of them. “Is it just me or did the street lights get dimmer?”

“Huh.” Lady nodded. “That’s weird.”

“Yeah,” was all Biggy could say. On the far end of the lane, the metro entrance glowed like a gold dipped moon. It almost made the rest of the lane seem darker by comparison. Biggy thought,
“That isn’t quite right. It is darker than back there. It’s not just a trick of my eyes.”

Lady shrugged in a massive overacted manner and they started walking slowly. The rush of traffic from busier streets faded the further they went until it was only a whisper. It made Biggy think of the ghosts of skates on concrete. The streetlights were fading stars above them while the gold metro seemed further away with each step.

Ahead of them shadow detached itself to approach the girls. He was a tall and slender silhouette with a face covered in shadow. He came within earshot and stopped.
Lady cleared her throat and ventured, “Yes?”

“Do I get a show too?” he asked. His smile flashed bone white teeth in the dark.
Biggy gave Lady’s shoulder a squeeze and said, “Look, we’re on our way home…”
He continued as if Biggy had not spoken, “or maybe just dinner?”

“No.” Lady’s voice boomed along the street. The shadow man’s head jerked as if he’d been slapped. Lady grabbed Biggy’s hand and dragged her across the street. When Biggy ventured a glance his direction, the shadow was smiling at them. After getting much closer to the metro, they heard soft thump of his feet as he followed them. Just as the Biggy felt like screaming, the girls crossed into the glow of the station stairs. They took them two steps at a time. The sound of people and movement and bright lights washed over them.

At the bottom, Biggy looked back. He was perched on the edge of the light at the top. He seemed much, much taller but it had to be an optical illusion of her viewpoint. His grin cut the shadow of his face like a white knife.

The metro seats were hard plastic but somehow comfortingly solid. They sat in silence for a bit. Then Lady shrugged the event off and said, “I swear there are more of those creeps out on the streets all the time.”
“Yeah,” Biggy forced a laugh. “Just a creep.”

Elise "Biggy Starbust" Hughes

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